Our recent cases

From 3D animation and video content to full branding and web design, we craft compelling experiences that drive impact. Our work drives sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship.

3d animation of solar panels in a desert.jpg


Empowering a sustainable vision on a global scale

3d animation of hydrogen bromide molecules in orange and in blue hydrogen molecules 2.jpg


Shaping the vision of a decarbonized future



Setting the scene for a complete rebranding

This image shows a 3d animated whitefly on a leaf.jpg


Bringing innovations to life

This 3d animation shows a plant receptor with a chitosan molecule.jpg

Tidal Vision

A game changer for our greatest challenges

This image shows Paul Rosolie with a blue scarf looking at the camera.jpg

Dark Green

Alone in the Amazon

Watermeln - realistic visual - generator at festival.jpg


Playfully powering the future

Short clip of a loop in light blue moving on a black background.jpg


A powerful visualisation of hardcore physics

This image shows a female researcher looking through a petri dish .jpg

University of Groningen

Using data to understand our environment

This image shows 3d animated mushrooms on a green field with autumn leaves.jpg

EMS Films

Life underground on the big screen

This image shows the Las Piedras river in the Amazon and you can see Paul Rosolie walking on sand with an orange tent.jpg


Triggering financial impact for an NGO

Success stories

Our clients' feedback reflects our commitment to collaboration. We work hand-in-hand with leaders in green energy, cleantech, and across all sustainable industries to deliver results. Here’s what they have to say about partnering with us.

“We are thrilled with the stunning animations you produced for us. They showcase our technology excellently. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations.”

Guido Dalessi
CEO of Elestor

“We are grateful for the cinematographic talent at Sensu, which enables us to professionally showcase our vital work at NIOZ to a broader audience. We value our enjoyable and long-term partnership with Sensu and are highly pleased with the films we create together. ”

Kim Sauter
Head of Communications at NIOZ

“Apart from the creative input, we were impressed by the systematic and efficient approach of our idea’s we had in mind for the spectacular opening of our institute. Sensu's project management was essential as we had very little time to produce the video.”

Martijn van Calmthout
Head of Communications at Nikhef

“In creating the film Planet Soil, we faced the challenge of capturing the unseen underground micro-world. In collaboration with Sensu we were able to make one of the stars of the film – the earthworm – truly come to life on the big screen.”

Ignas van Schaick
Producer at EMS Films

“I really enjoyed working with you, and the entire process of creation, from script to visuals and animations, has been fascinating. I do believe our final videos are amazing and I can’t wait to produce another one with you!”

Eleonora Aquilini
Communications & Public Relations Director at Futureco Bioscience