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Life underground on the big screen

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Unique introduction to a mysterious microcosmos

The full-length documentary Planet Soil takes viewers and cinema-goers on a fascinating journey into the ground beneath their feet. Entrusted with an instrumental role in the film’s post-production, we gratefully played our part in spreading awareness of how vitally important this diverse underground ecosystem really is to all life on our planet.

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“One teaspoon of healthy soil contains more living organisms than there are humans on earth. In creating the film Planet Soil, we faced the challenge of capturing this unseen underground micro-world. In collaboration with Sensu we were able to make one of the stars of the film – the earthworm – truly come to life on the big screen.”

Ignas van Schaick | Producer/Distributor

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International recognition

Original title ‘Onder het Maaiveld’, this remarkable documentary is of Dutch origin and contains one-of-a-kind footage collected over a multi-year period. Following its nationwide release in cinemas around the Netherlands and amidst growing international interest, an English version named Planet Soil was created for the purpose of global distribution.

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Multiple animated characters

In this collaboration with EMS Films, one of our contributions was to add depth to the story by modelling and animating vivid 3D characters – including an earthworm and a centipede. The inclusion of extreme close-up depictions of these spellbinding creatures creates focus amidst a sea of faceless creepy crawlies.

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An immersive experience

This impactful project allowed us to put into practice one of our strong suits: seamlessly blending live-action footage with 3D-animated elements. We brought this mixture to life through the implementation of visual effects such as particle simulation and CGI overlays - creating an unforgettable immersive experience.

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A blossoming partnership

On the back of this successful collaboration, we have continued our relationship with EMS Films into other projects. The next of these, expected in September 2024, is titled North Sea: Nature Untamed – a spectacular feature film and TV series that will reveal the many secrets of this vast domain of marine wildlife.

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Using data to understand our environment

University of Groningen

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Alone in the Amazon

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Shaping the vision of a decarbonized future


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