Shaping the vision of a decarbonized future

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Crafting a distinct energy sector presence

At the outset, Elestor faced a common challenge: translating their multitude of innovative ideas into an impactful brand identity. Recognising the pivotal role of clear communication in their mission to revolutionise energy, we collaborated closely to distil their vision into clear messaging and imagery. This case study explores how we empowered Elestor to articulate their mission succinctly and establish a compelling presence in the energy sector.

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"We are thrilled with the stunning animations you produced for us. They showcase our technology excellently. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations."

Guido Dalessi | CEO

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Iterative branding process

Our rebranding process for Elestor was marked by a commitment to thoroughness. We approached the redesign as an iterative journey, continuously refining our designs to ensure they resonated with Elestor's core values and mission. Through a series of design tests and feedback loops, we delved into the essence of the Elestor brand, seeking to capture it in every visual element.

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Modern website design

Our design focused on intuitive navigation, modern graphic elements, and future-proofing. Combining diverse creative services, we crafted a fresh user experience. From sleek navigation to graphics, every element was designed for engagement.

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Animating complexities

In line with the brand style, we crafted an engaging visual narrative that explains the intricate details of Elestor’s technology. Despite the complexity, our animation delivers a clear overview, illustrating how this innovation enables their vision for the future.

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Building an image bank

We also curated a database of photographs and images to enhance omnichannel communication. Mindful of the colour palette and visual style, we produced images that captured the essence of the new brand. Whether for the website, social media, or other promotional materials, each photograph was thoughtfully composed to evoke the same vibe and aesthetic.

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A powerful visualisation of hardcore physics


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Alone in the Amazon

Dark Green

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Setting the scene for a complete rebranding


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